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Once you place an order, you will receive a confirmation email.

After order placement, your order may take 1-3 business days to process being that all products are naturally handmade. However, some products are shipped-ready, so sometimes you may only have to wait for the delivery time.

After processing, your products should arrive within 3-7 business days (could be sooner). Please be patient as we make sure each package is carefully examined and sealed off before delivered to you.

Please note after processing time and delivery time, the total wait for your order can take up to 5-10 business days. (May not include weekends or holidays).

Once your order is shipped, you will receive another email regarding your tracking number and the arrival date will show after the delivery system is updated.

We usually ship packages every Friday and Saturday morning.

Expect possible delay of shipment during holidays, unexpected weather changes, and any updates regarding USPS. USPS is our carrier.



We do not accept returned items. If products are lost or stolen once arrived to you, we're very sorry although we are not responsible for that inconvenience.

If a product is damaged once arrived to you, you have 24 hours from the day it arrives to make a claim stating your tracking number and picture proof of damage by emailing us. Once the claim is approved, we will re-ship the same product free of charge.



All sales are final. Pricing for items is non-negotiable. However, if for any reason we can not complete your order, we will refund you in full.



Due to safety hazards, exchanges are not accepted.



Address changes are not accepted AFTER your order has already been shipped. If you notice you put an incorrect address BEFORE you receive a tracking number; email us with your name, correct address and order number so we can fix it. If your order has already been shipped and you received a tracking number, you'll have to create a new order.

Please make sure all information is filled out correctly and be sure of ALL policies and disclaimer before you confirm your order.


Any suspicious behavior of fraud or attempted fraud will be reported to higher officials. We do not tolerate any form of scamming and fraud behavior.

All products are produced by TTA.TTA practices originality therefore we do not condone plagiarism. Do not buy any TTA products from anyone other than the owner or directly from this website. is our ONLY website. is our ONLY hair appointment link. is our ONLY linktree link.

Tyler Anderson is our ONLY facebook.

@theteeaffect and @theteeaffecthair are our ONLY Instagram accounts.

[email protected] is our ONLY email.

theteeaffect is our ONLY Twitter account.

The Tee Affect is our ONLY Youtube account.




Big Cartel, Stripe, Paypal, USPS and our website services are protected and secured. Your information will never be leaked or used for any use other than getting your order to you safely. We do not have access to your card information or any form of payment methods you use to complete your order. Your address is solely used to deliver your packages through USPS, our carrier. Representatives of TTA's customer service will never ask for your ID, social security number, passports or any other personal information through email or personal contact. If you ever experienced this matter, please report it right away. We do not condone violation of privacy policies.

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