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It all started with Tyler having a perm all the way up until she was 14 years old. Since then she's done several big chops, used almost every product you can think of and her journey brought her here. She never knew how to take care of her hair so she rocked her natural afro whenever her hair wasn't in braids and many people loved her for it. Students reached out to her to express how much of an influence and inspiration she is to women who look like her. Although she couldn't master taking care of her own hair, surprisingly she took care of many of her friends' natural hair during high school years. But after years of being natural with no guidance, something clicked at 19 years old. Yes, a 19 year old finally mastered the tricks of beauty care. But not just for her, for everyone.

The Tee Affect was founded on September 23rd, 2019 by Tyler Anderson.

Originally, TTA was only a natural hair styling business. Tyler used to do up to 3 heads a day while juggling her leadership position on campus, a job at the financial aid office, and being a full time college student. As hectic and fun as this was, TTA was on its way to expanding because Tyler had a bigger vision for her brand. Before you know it, TTA’s product line became an addition to the business on February 10th, 2020. On that day she launched hair oil, a beard balm and two body shimmers in gold and bronze. These four products were made by Tyler in her dorm room and sometimes her house. She would sell her products all throughout campus and family functions with the help of family and friends because TTA did not have a website at the time, only an instagram page. TTA’s products would sell out every week then Tyler would make a new batch on the weekends just to start selling products all over again on Monday mornings. But towards the middle of March 2020, college students were sent home for Spring Break and never came back. At this point, COVID-19 had struck the United States causing all schools to shut down. Tyler was then forced to adjust and change the dynamic of The Tee Affect. But there were brighter days to come. Life changed for TTA just one month after lock down. Our website dropped on the 15th of April in 2020 and it’s been amazing ever since. We gained our LLC, shot our first commercial, vended several events, launched apparel, and more! Our TTAFamily is growing and we’re so excited to keep climbing the ladder with you right by our side.




“To uplift and enhance fellow kings and queens in the most natural aspect”.




“In the future, TTA will be the biggest lifestyle influence on kings and queens all over the world. We will continue to guide our family in choosing healthy beauty care to become the best versions of themselves by providing an organic beauty center for everyone, a place to provide a variety of hairstyles that accommodate their natural hair and provide job opportunities for those who share a common interest. By achieving this vision, every king and queen will feel represented, revived and beautiful in their own skin with the help of TTA’s company."





“The Tee Affect stands firm on positivity, respect, quality, and top-notch customer service. We do not believe in altering our character or values because of another being, we are confident in who we are and what we stand for.”

“Positivity is contagious and is the root of change. It is important to remain positive in any situation because negativity does not produce effective results. Respect is always given and should be received. For as long as we are all human living on Earth, we should respect each other knowing we are all neighbors. Quality is a representation of what something is worth. We provide quality products and quality service because we view our customers as quality beings. Top-notch customer service allows customers to trust our brand. We respond efficiently with proper etiquette assuring you that you can trust us”.



We service natural beauty care products such as hair, skin and body products.

We service natural hair styling.

We service apparel which consists of tote bags and face coverings.

We vend at pop-up shops, panel discussions, fashion shows, beauty affairs, and more.


We thank you and we appreciate you for choosing TTA to service you.

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