Exfoliate with Love

Exfoliate with Love
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TTA's chamomile based facial scrub from our 'For the LOVE of SKIN' collection.
1/4 products of our unisex skin care repair kit.

Exfoliating is super important for our skin health. Our skin sheds every day and dead skin beds are sitting on top of our fresh skin bed, waiting to be removed. Your cleanser cleans the face, the toner removes excessive dirt while refreshing the skin, but your exfoliator smoothens your skin and reduces the clogging of pores. The difference between this scrub compared to our fall collection scrubs is the texture and the benefits. This one is specified for your face.

Chamomile herbs benefits: anti-inflammatory, helps fade dark spots, fight breakouts, eliminate acne scaring.

"Wake Me Up" is our Chamomile tea toner from 'For the LOVE of SKIN' collection.

How to apply: After cleansing your face, apply scrub to lightly damped skin by gently massaging the product in. Let it sit until you feel it is migrated into your skin. Then wipe the scrub off with a damped with warm water wash cloth or wash it off with cool to warm water.